Never Mind the Mainstream: This is Free-e-day

Cover of the Free-e-day free e-brochure

I hope Anne will forgive me for squeaking in at the tail-end of non-fiction day to post about an important event happening on December 1st in which Year Zero are playing an important role.

Free-e-day is a festival celebrating independent culture in every form. On December 1st writers, musicians and artists will all be giving away some of their work for free in electronc form for people to keep. And everyone who contributes gets an entry in a permanent directory, and the option of a free page in the event’s e-brochure, a wonderful full-colour celebration of independent creativity for people to download and keep forever.

The idea is to showcase independent creativity to the world so that the next time someone has $/£10 to spend on music or literature or a beautiful photo, they will think of looking beyond the mainstream.

There will also be webchats, lasting the full 48 hours (midnight one side of the dateline to midnight the other), designed to spark debate, and to offer help and practical advice to those seeking to make a go of it outside the mainstream.

There will even be a live gig in Oxford.

There are about 70 people/groups taking part so far. The event isn’t intended as a directory – it’s a celebration. Only people who have asked to be involved and got behind the event are part of it, to give it a proper sense of carnival and of community.

Almost all the Year Zero Writers will be giving something away in one form or another, or hosting webchats, or performing live. All you readers out there, check out the wonderful talent the independent world has to offer. And all you writers, why not take part! Just leave a note on the Free-e-day website.

And a conflict of interest note: Free-e-day WAS an idea that Year Zero Writers came up with and started, which is why we’re plugging it here. But we’re not plugging us over there because it’s about more than us – it’s about independent culture. Full stop.

Those webchat titles:

“What makes a collective work?” When is it a good idea to get together with others working in your field? What should you do together? And when should you steer clear? Hosted by Year Zero Writers, and featuring members of successful commercial and non-commercial collectives (TBC)

“The 21st century novel – reigniting the modernist project” – hosted by the Sulci Collective

“Is it broke and should we fix it? What can creatives do to earn a crust in 2010?” – hosted by Dan Holloway featuring some household names TBC

Self-publishing webchat featuring Writers’ Forum columnist & mine of self-publishing knowledge Siobhan Curham

If you’d like to take part, just go to the Free-e-day website from 24 November, and post your questions on the appropriate thread.

~ by yearzerowriters on November 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Never Mind the Mainstream: This is Free-e-day”

  1. are you getting much coverage of this in any media?


  2. Are you offering then, Oli 🙂

    Yeah, we’re getting an increasng amount of incoming links to the site – and the live gig means we’re some based round that. Indie ezines, mainly. Press release will go out properly on Monday once I have the full brochure. Got some stuff going on in the Guardian tomorrow too which is nice

  3. The Guardian? Nice. Why are they called the Guardian, btw? Who are they guarding? And from what?

    I asked you if you wanted to put a free-e-day page in Gupter mag but you never responded.

    Apart from that i can’t do much else media-wise…unless you want me to send the brochure to HK media?

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