The Next Year Zero Novels: A Preview

December 1st sees the official launch of the next 4 novels from Year Zero Writers, and over the next three Fridays we’ll be letting you get to know them. Today you can read each first chapter. Find your favourite, tell your friends, wait eagerly for chapter two, then on December 1st you can download the book for free and buy the paperback. The books are:

Babylon by Daisy Anne Gree

A, B & E by Marc Nash

Black Laces by Marcella O’Connor

29 Jobs and a Million Lies by Jenn Topper

~ by yearzerowriters on November 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Next Year Zero Novels: A Preview”

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  2. […] On December 1st, we will be launching the next four books from Year Zero Writers. You’ve read the opening chapters; you’ve met the authors; now at last you can glimpse the books […]

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