young brides

we're looking for a lot of love

the ground moved beneath her in the form of a thousand tiny black ants

~ by yearzerowriters on October 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “young brides”

  1. I hope that’s enough to remove any self-doubt, Sarah. Utterly awesome and, ornically, one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long while – if I may suggest a soundtrack – check out InLight’s single “Disappear”

  2. Really gorgeous.

  3. it’s just an old painting. Instead of throwing it out, I took a picture of it.
    Thanks, though, both of you.


  4. the crease in the bottom right really adds to the splendour. excellent.

  5. Beautiful & strange.

    Penny @triplecherry

  6. OK, if no one else is going to, I’m going to ask some questions about meaning – aside from the seemingly obvious sexual imagery, the runway (leaving behind people who look like ants on the ground) is about the casting off of a shell of despair in the hope that “leaving” will solve the problem – that being owned will alleviate loneliness and lead to some kind of (sexual?) utopia, only of course it doesn’t and she realises it when she looks down and sees the people she left behind no longer look like people, they’re just ants, and she’s trapped in a worse hell than the one she left, only this time, becuase she’s “owned”, she is absolutely alone, without the only support she had. I’d like to know more about the water – whether it’s more than sex and drowning.

  7. I’m tempted to reveal the method of my genious, but . . . it doesn’t really mean anything except what you want it to mean. The painting and quote are completely unrelated, they just look nice together.

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