It’s My First Time

Hi, I’m Anne. I’m the one who goes on and on about money, spending, frugal living and such. Dan, in an instant of cider-induced madness, thought it would be a good idea for me to blog, based on some of the things I write about. By the time he’d sobered up I’d already said yes, so it was way too late for him to change his mind. You see, I’m not a literary genius or anything like that, no, not in the least.

I write mainly non-fictiony kind of stuff. I suppose this stems from my training and work; counselling young people while doing some heavy relationship coaching on the side. Things just kind of blossomed from there, and the next thing you know, I’m writing all over the place.

I’ll try to do a weekly column giving tips on how we all can spend less. I’ve chosen this particular topic at this time because I’ve just released my new book and all this information is still lashing around in my system. You will notice that when I start writing about weight issues in the spring, some of these money-saving trends will still be visible in my work. If some of what I say seem very obvious to you, we could both pat ourselves on the back for working them out. In my research I’ve found that apparent money-saving ideals have not even crossed the minds of some people. After all, one cannot possibly know that rice can be grounded to make flour, until wheat is made illegal in their little world, right?

My topic this week concerns pets. They can get very expensive to maintain, can’t they, especially in this current financial climate. My idea for cutting down on pet-related costs is to share a pet with your siblings/friends and their families.

How will this work?

If you’re now thinking of having a pet, you could start off by choosing one with another member of your extended family or good friend. Pet insurance, vet bills, food, toys, care etc will all be shared equally by both parties. The pet will have two homes and twice as much love. You could alternate visits weekly, and when you go away on holiday you’ll save yourself a bundle on pet care/sitters because the other family who owns the pet will have it at their place for free. Of course you’ll still have to buy food, litter etc, but whatever you purchase will last twice as long, thus be half as expensive.

If your kids have always wanted a dog (for example) and you have no objection other than you could not afford it, you could make plans to half adopt your friend/sibling’s dog (with their agreement of course).  If you’re thinking that the animal may be stressed, I don’t think you have to worry about this at all. My friend’s cat lives with her and her neighbour equally. It gets fed, petted, loved and needed at both places. It thrives on its regal lifestyle. My dog, China did exactly the same thing with myself and my friend. She was equally happy at both homes. I didn’t have any kids at the time, but my friend did. China got her exercise running around with my friend’s kids. When she was tired, she came home to me and played lazy, got her back rubbed, and a nice bowlful of food to eat.

A burden shared is a burden halved. A pet shared is twice as much fun and the financial responsibilities halved.

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8 Responses to “It’s My First Time”

  1. Ha ha! Cider, eh? Must be my west country roots showing through 🙂

    You are, of course, a literary genius, which is why we invited you over.You just have more strings to your bow than most.

    Interesting about rice flour – I wonder what people think rice noodled are made of if it’s not rice flour.

  2. Dan, you’re one of the most sober men I know. And thanks for the wonderful compliment.

    Interesting about the rice flour thing. When wheat flour was banned in Guyana, rice was all there was left to eat. At this time, cooking oil was also banned. Everything had to be made with rice flour and coconut oil. Imagine making bread and Christmas cake, eh? especially with most people having to walk to a baker’s shop to bake (not many people had ovens in their homes).

  3. Sharing pets – now that is something I wouldn’t have thought of! Well cats share themselves around, whether we like it or not, but share dogs and ferrets and horses? Great idea!

    You’re going to save us all a lot of money. 🙂

  4. Hey, who goes there – best if we say who we are when we’re not the poster, or people will think Anne’s talking to herself 🙂

    Actually, if you’re talking ferrets, maybe you’re Jodi!

    Anne – serious question – it strikes me that pet insurance and big vets’ bills may be an issue – do you know of any companies that run some kind of mutual where more than one person can pay in – and if so, do you know what the safeguards are if someone defaults?

  5. I would never have thought of shared pet ownership. It seems like a very clever money-saving idea. I wonder, though — are pets attached to their own territory? I mean, do they prefer to be in one home regularly, or are they adaptable to a multiple home situation?

  6. Hello? I didn’t even know these comments were here. I thought I had subscribed to them.

    Anyway, if you’re sharing a pet with your friends/siblings, it should be a casual arrangement where the legalities are dealt with by both parties and not a third person. I suppose when it comes to pet insurance both parties will be classed as ‘owner.’ Therefore, the total payment per month comes from both. As vets’ bills can be extraordinarily large, it’s wise to have pet insurance if you’re serious about taking on a pet.

    @Daisy Anne, in my experience, my dog did not mind at all. ‘Home’ to her, seemed to be both places. Pets like rats are terribly territorial, but they have a cage, don’t they? A sprinkle of ‘old’ bedding in their cage works wonders when moving them from house to house.

    My friend’s cat is the same as my dog. She’ll go wherever she’s been petted and fed, but cats are like that generally.

    Anne L-G

  7. I’m still learning how the comments thing works as well – I have a feeling if we tick subscribe by e-mail they are being sent to an e-mail account I may have set up many moons ago that I long since lost the details for 🙂

    I You make a great point about bedding – things that smell of “home” are a great way of settling pets in pretty much anywhere. I think it might also work best to start with a hamster/guinea pig or something else that doesn’t live a very long time – to avoid the strain when someone moves away or grows up.

  8. I have subscribed, but I think the comments are sent to an e-mail account, as you said. In my other blogs on dot com and blogspot, the comments are sent directly to my email address.

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