Here are Our First Books

Songs from the Other Side of the Wall
Dan Holloway
A teenage girl finds herself on the brink of adulthood in post-communist Hungary,
torn between East and West,
past and future,
family and lover





Benny Platonov

 Benny Platonov
Gupter Puncher
Benny Platonov will write the homeless off the streets of Hong Kong.
But first he has to write.
And live amongst them, in his box.
Can he?
  Glimpses of a Floating World
Larry Harrison
An elegy to the the drug-sodden
underbelly of 60s London





~ by yearzerowriters on June 15, 2009.

14 Responses to “Here are Our First Books”

  1. Hi, great to see the site up and running … but, I think you could re-address the design. Looks tacky and in your face. And the work isn’t like that. Please sort the header out (it’s difficult to read) and re-think the black ‘ground. Best wishes for all and all who’ll sail. Regards.

  2. Thanks, Haarlson. Always good to hear from you. Working on the colour combos – the black isn’t A1 from an accessibility POV but I like the look. You’re right about the problems of reading the header in red – have spent a long time playing, and I guess there’s more time to spend 🙂

  3. Great site. I attended Book Expo America last month in NYC and was so amazed by the lack of the book industry’s knowledge of anything digital I wrote this blog.

    Good luck with the venture.

  4. Thanks, Paul. I’m sure we’ll all have a look at your blog. It is, as you say, a source of constant surprise. Victoria Barnsley of Harper Collins at least talks digital, but when I look at the way somewhere like Japan has embraced phone novels and the like, it makes me realise how far the US and UK industries have to go. I don’t want to speak on behalf of my colleagues so I’ll respond to your blog as me. I’ve written a number of articles on the subject, the most comprehensive being at on 31 May. I think I can say on behalf of us all, though, that we see the new landscape as a time of opportunity for small, niche-focused groups willing to embrace tech. And the thing we all need to remember is that the next generation of books will be driven by the readers not the writers, or the industry. Whcih is why we placed the direct relationship with our readers at the heart of what we do.

  5. Larry Harrison! Dan Holloway!

    If these writers are representative of the Year Zero talent pool then you guys have assembled something pretty special. Best wishes to the project’s success and to an ever widening readership of “Glimpses…” and of “Songs…”

    A Fan of Larry’s
    (from Authononasty)

  6. I think you need a shorter blurb about what your project is about. How do writers support themselves? Is the purpose to get recognition so that more income from writing will follow? I don’t mean to be rude but I’m wondering how all of this works. I’ve read many collections and also write…maybe it’s because I teach at a university. I’m a bit out of this flow though I do have a blog. Could you explain your purpose…I have just read -somewhere-that it is to get fans. That seems like an unfinished thought…btw…I sometimes read on the computer but prefer holding a book in my hands. Maybe that is getting in the way of my understanding?

  7. Hi Cynthia, thank you so much for getting in touch. Apologies for the site layout – we are still newe to the WordPress layout. Our “mission statement” is our manifesto. The front page is for our breaking news (because of the site structure).

    The purpose of the collection is to show people what we write for free, so that when our novels are released – the first of them will be coming out in September – people can buy them (or ignore them!) from an informed position. The three of us with novels coming out have purposefully either included the opening chapter of outr novel, or related content.

    We all write fiction that struggles to find a place on a publishers’ list in the current climate because of its market (an agent told me my novel was wonderful and she wanted to work with me but it just wasn’t “big” enough for the current climate). We exist so that novels like this can find readers and vice versa – but we consider it both unrealistic and rather impertinent for readers to be forced to buy our bokos withoutr knowing how we write.

    Very best

  8. Hi–I like what you’re doing here!

    One thing that might be helpful: one of my novels on Lulu is 408 pages, 3 more than Benny Platonov. My book’s price is $12.66, and that’s the Lulu base price for 408 pages because I’m not taking a royalty.

    Did something get messed up on the settings end for your BP? It shouldn’t be so expensive, unless that was intended. If you didn’t intend this (seems to be the case, going on BP’s Lulu description), maybe you should contact Lulu because there could be a mistake on your account or something.

    I’ve found that price is a big impediment for POD books, why I’m not taking royalties now. I’ve made mine as cheaply priced as possible. If I started selling a lot of copies, then maybe I’d add on a small royalty.

    Good luck to you all!

  9. Thanks. I’ll speak to Oli about this, and see if he can sort something out, but we do have a press lined up for Benny Platonov in the not-so-long term, and it will be available for arounf $12.50, which ties in with what you’re saying.

  10. It looks good to me, guys. Linking up to you right now on my blog, and looking forward to reading.

  11. Means a lot coming from a megastar like you, George

  12. I have to say, this is the wordpress theme I wish they would delete, write over, delete again and then burn the server it was on. It’s unreadable, crowded, negative and unwelcoming.

    But so many people love it. Ugh! 🙂

  13. Hey, Merrilee. I really like it for this site because I think it suits our books, but I can see your point, and you’re not the only oneto make it. I’ll certainly change the Free-e-day site. I’ll hand discussion here over to the other Zeroes.


  14. […] I had intended to use this slot to begin the build-up to the first anniversay of the launch of our first novels. The post date says June 15, but they were launched on September 1st. […]

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